Terms and Conditions of Leicester College


Maximum balance £100
Minimum balance £2
Maximum top up £100

1.0 The recommended minimum amount on the account is £2.

2.0 There will be no interest earned on balances held in the account.

3.0 Purchasing of food can only be carried out through the use of the College ID badge. The Cardholder must keep the card safe and not give it to anyone else. The College will not be liable for any transactions if the card has been misused, lost or stolen. If the Account Holder loses the ID badge they must report this to Student Services immediately.

4.0 The Account Holder must endeavour not to spend more than the balance amount. If the Account Holder does not have sufficient funds to cover a transaction the payment will be declined and the account holder will not be able to purchase items (unless the account holder makes the difference up in cash). The College has the right to suspend the account at any time.

5.0 No refunds will be provided and the Account Holder is required to run down their balance prior to leaving the College.

6.0 The Account can be activated and topped up online (https://apply.lec.ac.uk/ccbs/) at home or at the College in FoodInc and Libraries. Payments can be made using debit/credit cards and in College all these plus cash payments in FoodInc (at published times). By activating your card you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

7.0 As part of the online payment system the Account Holder will be able to view the account at any time to obtain transactions, purchase history and balance information.

8.0 English law applies to these Terms and Conditions and English courts will deal with any legal proceedings between us. All dealings will be in English.

9.0 The Account Holder has the right to stop crediting the account at any time but note clause 5.0 With respect to refunds.

10.0 The College reserves the right to use your purchase history to continually develop our catering offer to meet our customer needs. The information will not be shared with any third party.

11.0 If something which the College are not reasonably able to control, including but not limited to defects relating to top-up of the account or delays us from doing something the College are supposed to do under these Terms and Conditions, the College will not be responsible for any loss which you may suffer.

12.0 In the event of where FoodInc are not in operation then the Account Holder transaction will be recorded manually and the amount deducted from your account at a later date. The Account Holder will be notified if their account goes into a debit position as a result of the transaction and must credit their account before their next purchase.

13.0 Fraudulent use of cards will result in disciplinary action.

14.0 The online top-up site will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, apart from when maintenance needs to take place or should it encounter any technical issues. We will endeavour to perform any maintenance during periods more convenient to our users, but cannot guarantee times.

15.0 These conditions are in addition to the College regulations.