Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FoodInc online account?

It is a credit top-up facility, where learners can add funds to their account anywhere online.

How do I get a FoodInc online account?

If you have a College network account and ID card, you will also have a FoodInc online account in place automatically.

What can I do with my FoodInc online account?

The account allows you to add credit to your balance, check your balance and check your purchase history in Food Inc outlets.

How do I access my FoodInc account?

The account can be accessed via this login page Enter your 6 digit ID card code as username and your College network password in the password field

How do I add credit to my account?

Once you have logged in, click on the 'Top-Ups' button Select an amount from the 'I want to Top-Up' list, then click on 'Go' Follow the onscreen instructions to make the payment

Where can I use my FoodInc account credits?

The account credits can be used at three main College campuses where you see the Food Inc sign.

How do I use my account in FoodInc out-lets?

If you have a credit on your online balance, you can use this on the till by having your student id barcode scanned. The cost of the food or drink purchased will then be taken off your online balance.

What if I do not have enough online credits to make a purchase?

If you make a purchase and find that your account does not have the full funds available, you can still pay with cash or debit card.

How much can I add to my online account?

Please check the terms & conditions